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Paddy 100/1 Ain’t Half Good Enough

I bought a really bad product recently.

I made a complaint to the shops website on the advise of the staff in the actual shop and got a courteous e-mail back to tell me my mail had been received and they would be back to me as soon as they could. They pride themselves on customer care so I was happy they would come back to me.

It took a few reminders however they answered.

I had thought what I bought was something really special only to find its performance was 50% less when compared with its market competitors. Disappointing, especially when added to the fact that the company make such a big thing about national loyalty, continuously playing the card in their marketing blurb, online, on telly and in their shops. Come on you boy’s in ….

Yeah, until it costs us you mean. Come on your boys in green.

I bought myself a €6.25 reverse forecast on the Melbourne Cup following the blog I wrote on the race (below this one). Rekindling and Johannes Vermeer to come first and second in either order.

Rekindling & Johannes Vermeer RFC

The 14/1 shot beat the 12/1 shot, Joseph O’Brien the son beats his father Aidan. Willie Mullins fills third. The Irish are the toast of Melbourne. The exacta paid 211/1, happy days. €12.50 turns into €1,325. Boom, as they like to say, in their marketing blurb.

The Scene Of The Crime, Paddy Power, Baggot Street, Dublin

Until I went to collect.

Great news said the settler across the counter, there’s €631.25 coming back on that. That doesn’t make sense I said, it paid 211/1 to a €6.25 stake.

Try calling the retail support office they said, they’ll explain it to you.

Hello I placed a bet and can’t understand the payout. Can you tell me. Yes, I dealt with this earlier said the nice girl in the support office. Our SP was 10/1 on the winner and 9/1 on the second. So I asked is this the maths then, ten multiplied by 6.25, add one to the second place to make it ten and multiply again.

6.25 x 10 = 62.50 x 10 = 625 plus 6.25 back = 631.25.

Can I have your e-mail address I asked.


I placed two cash bet’s in Baggot St for a RFC on the Melbourne Cup. Slips attached.

I was in the shop today I have been told the return will pay 100/1 by your kind staff.

I found that odd and called your retail support team who explained this is based on Paddy Power’s SP of 10/1 for the winner and 9/1 for the second. The return for the bet then being 10×10=100

The SP given generally by the media after such a tremendous result for the Irish was 1st Rekindling returned at 14/1 and 2nd Johannes Vermeer returned at 12/1

If I calculate the return using the formulae as above then the return should be 14×13=182

It’s worth noting the official returns for the exacta were S-Tab 199.10, NSW 211.70 and UBET 188.40.

Other bookmakers are honouring the UBET return of 188.40. See attached William Hill webpage. I note Paddy Power has not published the result of the race on it’s own website. 

William Hill Melbourne Cup Result paying 188.40 for the F/C

Can you please explain why Paddy Power’s is not using the SP as understood by the rest of the public or why the exacta of 188.40 as honoured by other bookmakers is not being paid.


And the reply from Paddy.


My name is …..  and I work as part of the Retail Helpdesk in Paddy Power.

The 14/1 that was advertised by the Racing Post and that some other bookmakers may have paid on was determined by the tote dividend returned by the race track.

As there was no industry SP returned Paddy Power settles these bets out in accordance with our rules, which is on Australian racing we pay out on the last price offered by Paddy Power.

You will find this on the rules poster in any of our shops or on our website under Help Centre.

Your bet has been settled correctly in accordance with our rules and we will not be making any amendments to this.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me or my colleagues at retail_helpdesk_mailbox@paddypower.com.

Thanks for the clarity Paddy.

There we are, as there was no industry SP Paddy could choose their own, stupid me. Paddy wouldn’t put the result up in its shops or on its website. It was a secret. Shush, don’t tell anybody.

Is it Paddy Power policy to manipulate SP’s in order to boost profits beyond this years expectations of €450m? Or did I just not have my lucky pants on?

Paddy’s Green Friday was the gig yesterday. Really Paddy. So was the first Tuesday in November, the day of the race that stops a nation, Paddy’s Black Tuesday? Or was it just that was for me.

Johnny, Paddy Power or Betfair? When your happy with half.

Ruby, Betfair or Paddy Power? Always, when you want less.